This product is equipped with a programmable logic controller and a touch screen. If required by customers, we can develop the language control system. In addition, the roller former is configured with a double chain that results in a uniformly distributed load and a high level of accuracy.

This product has a 450mm H steel welded body. It is ideal for creating floor decks at speeds ranging from 10m/min to 15m/min.

This equipment is configured with a stepless change system, which allows the size of our product to be automatically changed via a computer. The shearing system is also steplessly adjustable, which allows for an easy switch between C and Z purlins without a blade change.

The stud track roll forming machine is operated in a continuous manner and can create profiles with complicated cross sections. It is a gear-driven machine that runs at production speed ranging between 35m/min and 50m/min.

The shutter door roll forming machine is designed to run at synchronous speed. It has the capability to produce roller shutter doors that possess exceptionally smooth surfaces.

The roll forming machine runs at synchronous speed and comes with 13 rows of rollers. It is outfitted with a high-performance motor, a high-power oil pump as well as a high-performance main drive shaft.

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