In our relentless pursuit of manufacturing excellence, we insist on purchasing raw materials from the most reliable suppliers. These materials are effectively managed and easily accessible in our highly organized warehouse which spans more than 3,000 square meters. Meanwhile, we continue to pour profits back in to our business through the investment of more than 30 sets of grinders, milling machines and various high-precision CNC machines. These multi-dimensional and efficient facilities ensure the highest precision manufacturing of our products.

With the use of heavy-duty gantry type CNC milling machines, we have greatly improved the quality of the giant frame of roll forming machines. This also ensures that subsequent procedures are conducted with a high level of precision. In addition, we use a large shot blasting machine that delivers powerful cleaning performance. This advanced technology helps to greatly improve surface adhesion and reinforce the workpiece frame. It also provides a strong guarantee on the follow-up surface treatment. Not only that, electrostatic powder coating is performed on our products to create nice, harmless and quality coatings. Demonstrated here is our nearly 10,000m2 well-organized assembly workshop. It houses a comprehensive line of advanced machines and highly-experienced assembly operators which underline our strong production capability.

Our technicians are employed to carefully select wheels, precisely adjust the axle spacing and firmly fix accessories. Their rich experience and expertise has enabled us to create the finest possible roll formers. What you see here is a large truck transporting our goods from our company, to our clients. We strive to deliver our products in the most expedient manner while simultaneously creating enhanced value for our customers.

Manufacturing Capability
  • Raw materials are strictly tested and then stacked in batches.

Production of qualified roll formers starts with quality raw materials. Our raw materials are all purchased from the most reliable suppliers. They must undergo a comprehensive range of tests before being allowed to enter our factory. For many years, the customers never doubt about quality when they buy KEXINDA products.

  • The warehouse manager is checking the number of fittings.

Our spare parts warehouse covers an area of over 3,000m2. The shelves on which all materials are placed have a 2- or 3-layer welded square steel structure. Goods in this warehouse are classified and managed in a systematic manner. We use cards to easily check and manage our goods conveniently. In addition, we have established an inventory control system to automatically produce management information reports. This allows us to manage the spare parts with ease.

  • More than 30 diverse CNC machines available in our company

  • This skilled operator can work with two CNC lathes at the same time.

The company has more than 30 various CNC machines available for improving the precision of roll forming systems. Our highly skilled technician has 5 years of industry related experience, which provides a fast and efficient solution for the manufacture of our products.

  • The CNC grinder is working on an axle part of our roll forming equipment.

  • Taking a random point on our product to check its precision

An external cylindrical grinding machine is used to process the standing seam panel, which results in smooth surface, high dimensional consistency and no run-out. Both axle parts and wheel parts that have been machined possess good precision and an aesthetically pleasing exterior.

  • The heavy-duty gantry type CNC milling machine can increase the accuracy of the giant frame of roll forming machinery.

  • Adjusting the value of each parameter for this gantry type milling machine

Our gantry type milling machine has a 2000x6000mm work table and a maximum working width of up to 2,200mm. It proves to be user-friendly and deliver an impeccable performance that can ensure the precision of the assembled roll-forming machine.

  • The shot blasting of the frame of roll forming equipment

  • This large shot blasting machine can handle a workpiece length of more than 40 meters.

  • The frame of the roll forming equipment after shot blasting

The large shot blasting machine is a kind of foundry equipment mainly used for removing burr, membrane, rust and contaminant from castings at high speed. It helps to greatly improve surface adhesion and reinforce the workpiece frame. This equipment is able to handle a large frame up to 4000x1200x1300mm in dimension, which can fulfill the requirement of the roll forming machine industry.

  • This technician is performing an electrostatic powder coating procedure.

  • The drying of the workpiece after powder coating is done

Main advantages of the electrostatic powder coating technology:
1. Obtain thick coatings in a single run for extended lifespan of workpieces
2. Solvent-free powder coating creates no waste water, waste gas or residues.
3. Recyclable powder with high utilization rate 
4. Coatings with outstanding smoothness and extremely high adhesion strength
5. Workpieces with an aesthetically pleasing exterior

  • An assembly area of 10,000 square meters

  • Roll forming machines are being assembled by adept technicians.

This assembly workshop spans around 10,000m2. It is staffed by 72 permanent employees, among whom 30 are highly-experienced, well-trained assembly operators. They are capable of assembling diversified roll forming machines. Owing to its nice exterior, strong adaptability and low failure rate, our in-house produced roll former has found a great favor among our wide range of customers. Each year we can produce up to 3,000 sets of diverse roll formers and ancillary products.

  • Installation of wheels and spacers on shafts

Mr. Li has 5 years of experience in choosing the right wheel and spacer and then mounting them on the shaft. He is very knowledgeable of the position of the wheel of various sizes.

  • Lifting and adjusting the position of both upper and lower shafts

Mr. Yu is responsible for adjusting the clearance between the upper and lower shafts. This ensures the in-house produced panels have smooth surfaces and no scratches.

  • Our technician is fastening various types of accessories.

The fastening of various accessories can guarantee a sturdy structure and high precision of the roll forming equipment.

  • Truck loaded with rockwool sandwich panel production line

  • Our roll forming line is ready for shipment.

The equipment set that was assembled just now is a rockwool sandwich panel production line. It was ordered by a business owner from Henan Province. This production line is among our current featured products. It is technologically advanced and available at low price. Each month we can deliver 20 sets of roll formers worldwide.

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