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Kexinda Profile

The metals processing industry was at the very heart of the industrial revolution over 100 hundred years ago and is still very relevant today. Demand for metals to modernize infrastructure is once again very important to the world economy! We need a comprehensive range of processing equipment in order to handle the wide range of demand for metals, one very important type being the roll forming machine. Our company KXD, is a professional designer, producer and seller of a comprehensive range of roll forming machines. We offer clients very professional, considerate service based on our advanced industry expertise and experience. Our manufacturing complex was established in 1995 and spans more than 100,000 square meters. We are located in the Botou Economic Development Zone in the heart of the electromechanical manufacturing industry zone. We are also within close proximity to Beijing and Tianjin, only 200km away from the nearest port, for a very notable logistical advantage. This strategic location ensures that we can deliver our high-quality roll formers to your destination at the lowest possible cost. Today, KXD is capable of producing over 3,000 sets of roll forming equipment and ancillary products each year.

Our extensive range of roll forming machines can be found in India, Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Mexico, Argentina and other countries. We have earned an enviable reputation for unrivalled customer service and fine product quality. In an era of ever-changing global opportunities and challenges, KXD never rests our laurels as we continue to innovate to achieve business breakthroughs. In 2016 we invested heavily in a lean production management system for the purpose of quality control.

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KEXINDA is a large private-owned company specializing in the design, R&D, production, installation and marketing of roll forming machines. We have offered very professional services since we first began our operation in 1995. KEXINDA lies in the Botou Economic Development Zone which is best known for the casting industry in China. The company spans around 100,000m2 and houses more than 180 employees, including 35 technical experts. The annual production capacity reaches up to 3,000 sets of roll forming equipment and ancillary products.

    14 foreign trade specialists can keep track of orders in a timely manner.

    Running a lean production project kickoff meeting

The fast-growing company is faced with numerous opportunities and challenges. With a need for business expansion and internal management, we partnered with the MetricGeo consulting company to bring in a lean production management system. This lean production project has been set up since June 18, 2016.

Botou Kexinda Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd.

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